The story of Buzz

It was a typical day for me, off to the Vet to pay some bills. While I was there I decided to go and have a look at the pound that they have the contract for, I can never help myself.

I heard the bark first. It was a constant woof!!..woof!!..woof!! I could tell instantly this dog was unhappy and distressed and then I saw him.

He took my breath away, so old and so thin. ‘You poor old thing’, I said, and his tail started to wag just slowly.
I talked to him for a little while then I had to go. I thought about him all the way to my next appointment, have we got room to take him, he is going to have to be a long term permanent foster, he is at least 15 years old with possibly failing health, wonder what he is like with other dogs. The thoughts were endless and my emotions were all over the place.

All I could think about was I cannot leave him there to die. He is not going to die in the pound, not if I can help it. I called the pound and put my name on him which means if he is not claimed by his owners they would call me. Well the call came and yes I could take him but he has a grade four heart murmur, he has the start of kidney failure and he seems to be a constant barker. The good news being he is showing no outward signs of heart failure and he is as old as the hills so kidney failure at his age we can deal with and the barking, well he is distressed with his surroundings so I am sure that won’t continue. ‘I will take him’ I said. The way I looked at it is, if he has two weeks or two months he will live with me and my family and see out his last days knowing he is cared for and loved.

Well Buzz, as he is known, courtesy of my four year old after Buzz Light-year, has settled in like he has always been here. He is a gentle soul who is happy to laze around inside or out and do his own thing.

Buzz will have a home with us for however long he is on this earth and we will love and care for him until the end of his days.

Unfortunately rescue does not always have happy endings. Buzz passed away three days later. Knowing that he was cared for and loved in those three days were so worth the tears we cried.

RIP Buzzy boy.