Sasha: the road to recovery

Sasha was taken to the pound as a stray in an appalling state. Missing a large amount of fur mainly from her back end, she was flea ridden and scratching furiously. Obviously she had been in this condition for some time. Despite the lack of treatment and care she has such a beautiful nature, loving and affectionate and very well behaved.

In the pound system Sasha didn’t stand a chance. Due to lack of space and the unlikelihood that she would be adopted, she would be held for the required 8 days and then euthanised. Fortunately she had a guardian angel. We received a call to ask if we would take her on. Of course, we said yes.

Sasha was taken into foster care and since then has blossomed. With weekly medicated baths, flea treatment, a course of antihistamines and alot of TLC, she is now growing some fur on her bald bits. She is much happier in herself and has stopped scratching. Her foster mum, Chris, says she is just gorgeous and is fitting in well with her other animals. Sleeping on the bed and lounging in the garden, her life has changed dramatically. And she is loving it!!!!