Kimba’s story

Kimba the Rescue

In July 2013, we received a phone call asking if we could take a 15 year old border collie into care.

Kimba was taken to the vet by her owner to be euthanised because they were having a baby. The vet refused to put her to sleep because apart from her age and a small mamory tumor the vet saidno reason to euthanise such a well behaved good dog. The vet then advised the owner about rescue groups and that’s how she came to be with us at New Beginnings. So sad though that after she gave 15 years of love and loyalty to her family, she was then discarded just like that because they were going to have a baby and it was all too hard for them…

New Beginnings paid to have her tumour removed but then she fell quite ill as her wound site got infected and we didn’t think she was going to pull through, but once again her will to survive just shone through…

After 7 weeks of TLC in foster care, she put on weight (5kgs) and recovered beautifully from her operation better than ever.

With such a sad story, it sparked alot of interest about poor sweet Kimba and in August we received an email from Jennifer who was able to provide the perfect home and is now giving Kimba the new beginning she deserves. xxx

kimba 1