Dawson: we will miss you

Being involved in animal rescue certainly has its rewards and sometimes it’s down right heart breaking. Our little dog Dawson passed away today, the 3rd February 2011 at 5.30 am. He left this world cradled in my arms knowing how much he was loved.

Dawson came into our lives about four years ago at age eleven. It was love at first sight. Here was this timid pint sized ball of black and white fluff that weighed about 2.5kg just staring at us. He was beautiful. Dawson was a typical boy and made our home his very quickly if you know what I mean!!

Dawson went on a trip to the vets and along with neutering he had to have all his teeth removed; none were salvageable so he was known as our little gummy bear.

It angers me that Dawson’s first eleven years of life were so very different from the last four.

Dawson was not treated as part of the family or as the loved little companion he could and should have been, it is such a shame. I feel sad that he didn’t get to experience the whole 15 years with us. Four years wasn’t long enough.
We take on older dogs because we believe that they still have so much to offer and more importantly to make up for the not so good years they have experienced and to make the time they have left the ones they remember.

We would like to finish by saying, Dawson you are going to be missed by all of us, you were a funny little man who never stopped making the furniture yours, but we loved you despite this. We will miss your funny little mouth with no teeth, and you trying to lick us with your manky out of control tongue.

You truly were a beautiful boy and you were very much loved and you will be sadly missed. xoxo

Mandy, Wayne, Charli and Josie